Passenger trains operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays throughout the year.

Note: Due to being a narrow gauge line crossing the exposed high fells all trains will be cancelled for safety reasons whenever the wind speed is forecast to be 15 mph or greater.

Beckfoot to High Topps
Station M, W, F S
Beckfoot Dep: 15:00 Dep: 15:00
Swallowdale Dep: 15:02 Dep: 15:02
Horseshoe Cove Arr: 15:03 Arr: 15:03
  Dep: 15:06 Dep: 15:06
Swallowdale Dep: 15:08 Dep: 15:08
High Topps Arr: 15:10 Arr: 15:10


High Topps to Beckfoot
Station M, W, F S
High Topps Dep: 15:15 Dep: 15:20
Swallowdale Dep: 15:16 Dep: 15:22
Horseshoe Cove Arr: 15:17 Arr: 15:21
  Dep: 15:22 Dep: 15:24
Swallowdale Dep: 15:24 Dep: 15:26
Beckfoot Arr: 15:26 Arr: 15:28


Susan at High Topps
Susan at High Topps with service to Beckfoot (click image to enlarge)