Rolling Stock

This refers to our railway vehicles, including both powered and non-powered vehicles, and they are:

Motive power on the Swallowdale Railway is provided by LPG-fired steam locomotives and a single flameproof battery-electric mining locomotive (there are plans to build a second of these).

Locos have been supplied by various manufacturers but all have subsequently been rebuilt and modified to meet specific SdR and SADMC requirements in the SdR's own workshops at Low End Works.

All passenger and freight vehicles have been erected in our own workshops, although earlier vehicles were supplied in component form to proprietary manufacturer's designs, in particular I.P. Engineering Ltd and MSS Ltd. Again, many have since been rebuilt at Low End Works in order to make improvements and meet changing requirements.

The older passenger coaches are wooden-bodied, but the newest passenger and freight vehicles have been designed by the SdR and are of all-steel construction.